Artist Statement

I am a portrait artist because of the ever changing nature of life. Regardless of age, status or title, every person has a journey to share. No story, documentary, or biography has ever been complete without a portrait. An image serving as a visual testament of accomplishments, relationships, and contributions.

I have dedicated my life to understanding the power of images and capturing the passion of individuals. My ability to establish a unique rapport with my subjects allows me to gain a unique perspective that transcends the typical photograph. Photography is my vehicle for communication and celebration of life's journey.

My vision is to bridge generations by creating pathways to legacies and build records of people’s lives. The result is the creation of heirloom portraits that become a decorative focal point for your home or office. These artistic portraits build self-esteem and confidence for younger generations and create heirloom furnishings that will be cherished for generations to come.







Contact Information

Eric Stokley

4509 Jane Road, Snellville, GA 30039

Telephone: 678.234.1860
Fax: 678.383.7791